COPS for Kids


Since 1995, Cops for Kids, Inc. has assisted children, seniors, and families that find themselves in unfortunate situations. Through generous donations from local business sponsors and individuals in our community, Cops for Kids has enabled children and seniors to enjoy some of the basic necessities that were not available to them through other agencies.

Whether it be transportation costs to school or work, a temporary place to stay for an entire homeless family, youth activity funding, clothing, or some assistance for educational costs, Cops for Kids is ready to help.

Cops for Kids was created by two Sheriff’s department deputies who saw a need to help children at Christmas time. Giving a few disadvantaged children Christmas presents while on routine neighborhood patrols during the holidays has grown into a local organization that now offers those in need a host of services during the holiday season and throughout the year.

With low overhead and virtually no red tape, Cops for Kids can respond immediately to children, seniors, and families in need. We are often the local organization called to help because of our ability to quickly and respectfully assist others with emergency funding.

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Mission Statement

• To ensure all children, regardless of circumstances, are provided the basic necessities that all children should enjoy.

• Provide senior citizen outreach and assistance based on the individual needs of life.

• Strengthen the relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.